Australian Subclass 175 Permanent Resident Visa Label
Australian Subclass 175 Permanent Resident Visa Label
After all the excitement with finally gaining Permanent Residency, one question suddenly popped into my head: “Actually, wait a minute! What are the benefits of being an Australian Permanent Resident?!” 

I laughed to myself... I had NO IDEA.

To save you from any possible embarrassment, "Read More"

Partial Freedom & Security: 
  1. Travel in and out of the country all you want for the length of your visa (usually 5 years). Even if it has expired, you can remain in the country indefinitely BUT can’t travel out. If you still want to travel, you’ll need a Resident Return Visa
  2. Work for anyone in any industry for unlimited hours a day (EXCEPT Australian Public Service and Defence Forces jobs and those under an employer sponsorship visa)
  3. Sponsor relatives to migrate into Australia, LINK
  4. Travel to New Zealand without a visa

Health & Social:
  1. Entitlement to Medicare (provides heaps of free health benefits, MUST-READ article HERE) and cheaper health insurance.
  2. Assistance from Centrelink (2 year waiting period after PR, with some exceptions) – provides social security payments and gives assistance to the unemployed, retirees, students, families, parents, people with disabilities, etc.


  1. Same ‘domestic’ tertiary education rates as Citizens
  2. Free primary and secondary education in government schools (especially NSW)

  1. Eligible to apply after meeting the REQUIREMENTS
  2. Children that are born in Australia are automatically citizens by birth

Real Estate:
  1. First Home Owner’s Grant – a $7,000 incentive for first home buyers (NSW) and stamp duty waivers
  2. No longer subject to Foreign Investment Review Board restrictions on purchasing residential real estate

Finally, being a new permanent resident entitles you to better credit ($) and terms for personal loans, home loans, car loans, etc.

...and with all the above, you can now stare admiringly at your new visa label and crazily but confidently shout out "WOOHOOOOO!!!"



Rizvan Ahmud
11/02/2011 09:20

Hi, Really a tremendous effort and an excellent website.

sanju saha
11/01/2013 21:25

i am also lookin for PR in it still easy to get in to Australia..kindly update me plz.

11/02/2011 12:32

Hi Rizvan Ahmud,
Thanks for your kind comments and for dropping by! It means a lot. Hoping to update this site regularly with more useful information :)

kiran dhas
11/17/2011 17:30

Hi Rizwan,
thanks for your valuable information. i have also applied for a PR. This information is of great help. Do keep us more updated.

11/17/2011 18:36

Hi Kiran,
Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad that you have found the information helpful. All the best with your PR application! It'll be granted soon enough. Let me know if you need any help, will be happy to answer any questions. Hopefully I can bring you new articles soon too :)

08/13/2012 15:26

This site is very helpful. I've been granted by PR last week, after a 3 year wait :)

04/17/2013 16:59

I waited 7 weeks and got it this morning

06/05/2013 17:37

i got it today after 4 years wait

11/19/2011 13:49

INdeed very nice, You have made every attempt to list out the benefits.

11/29/2011 16:42

Thanks for this blog. I would like to share this thread in expat forum as well,which lists out the benefits of PR, Citizenship, Passport Holders in OZ :)

11/30/2011 02:42

Very helpful sites. Thanks

01/07/2012 13:54

Good Info...

Keep it up..

08/16/2012 21:22

I am visiting this site first time & it has awesome information. I have come to know a lot of information after visiting this site. Keep this sort of posting in future as well.....

02/19/2012 18:39

THank you for the awesome informations!

02/19/2012 19:37

@MaddyOZ @Fadjar @lifeisgood @Alexandra
Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment! Each and every one is sincerely appreciated. Hoping to add more content soon, so do check back and spread the word. Thank you :)

sangeet shrestha
02/21/2012 03:34

hi...simply one word.."Awesome". I have recently got the PR and will move to australia within 4-5 months...This site is simply the best informative site i have read till now regarding moving to australia...

03/11/2012 12:50

@sangeet shrestha
An enormous thank you for your very kind comments. Congratulations on your recent PR grant! I hope you have a great time moving and settling down, do let me know if you need any help at all.

02/03/2014 06:51

These informations are excellent,much much appriciated,i have got PR and have plan to move to Perth in 2 months i think it will be worth beneficial for me.

03/13/2012 16:31

Dear JumpingKoala,

Its one of the best and informative site I have visited recently. You have provided so much information at one place that it makes life of new PR holder easy.
I have been granted PR few days back and will be planning to move by Dec.
Thanks for sharing the information with all.

03/14/2012 13:21

Thank you so much Sumith. It is really a big delight when we read such nice and encouraging comments. Congratulations on your PR! Hope you have a great time with your move, all the best and good luck with settling down. Do let us know if you need any help at all.

07/09/2012 23:25

Really good information through this blog, I know that lots of people who are going to shift Australia doesn't know about these points.

10/26/2012 01:08

So informative things are provided here,I really happy to read this post,I was just imagine about it and you provided me the correct information I really bookmark it,for further reading,So thanks for sharing the information.

11/11/2012 14:38

2 thumbs up! great effort!

11/14/2012 23:33

Hi TheJumpingKoala,
This blog is brilliant...
I have been granted the subclass 175 PR visa. Applied for it without finding out about the underlying benefits of being an Aust. PR.
Now that I'm about to migrate, then I started to wonder how am I better off surviving in Aust.!! Thank you so much for providing all these information. They are by far the most helpful and straight forward, not to mention the most user-friendly. TQ, TQ, TQ.

Vaibhavi Sarkar
12/17/2012 20:06

Great info. Excellent job done.

02/26/2013 15:58

Thanks for the info.
I just got my PR last week

02/28/2013 17:35

nice info . exactly what happend to me after recieving permanent residency last week. i got all the information i need. nice job mate. thanks heaps.

03/01/2013 15:22

thanks for the well-structured and helpful information

03/03/2013 14:27

@babak @hardik @Shafiq @Vaibhavi @GotitFinally @Koko
Thank you all for your kind comments. We really appreciate the appreciation shown. It is our purpose to make all the available information thorough but as concise and clear as possible! Wishing all of you a safe and exciting journey in Australia!

03/06/2013 14:55

Thanks... Its very helpful.. I just read this page ..Looks like entire website gives lots of details.. I ll take time to read more for sure..Tks once again..

04/17/2013 17:04

has anyone ever experienced their PR visa revoked because there was a different visa that you applied earlier and that one was granted thus automatically cancelling the PR visa?

04/25/2013 20:35

Thanks @Sanju!! Yes we try to be as practical and straight to the point with our explanations as possible, glad you find it useful!

@Oscar, hmm I don't feel comfortable giving you an answer for this one because I am not sure and don't know anyone that has, best to check with immigration!

05/22/2013 04:47

hi, i just got my PR, i have two kids and they speak french. Does the schools have special programme for such students?

05/22/2013 16:28

Really fantastic and very useful information my love. Thank you very much. x x x

Nidhika Verma
06/16/2013 23:55

Great website ... thanks a lot... I am going to apply for PR from india with an australian agent .... hope things go smooth.... let me know how i can get more information about the process...

06/28/2013 01:32

Thank god you are here to help. I want to apply for Australian PR VISA from Navi Mumbai. Any idea which consultants you used? Any suggestions please? I hope we all goes well we will meet in Australia.... whats say? Regards.

09/18/2013 18:36

woohooo!!! thanx for the informative piece of work ... it is really helpful ...we got our PR today.

mukesh Kumar
09/22/2013 21:09

This is useful blog.thanks..I have got pr some month I contact u if I have some questions in my mind......

sanju saha
11/01/2013 21:28

hii i would like to talk to you regardingPR n all if possible call me on 8976239777 or snd me ur no. i cn call u...plz.thnx

10/05/2013 00:42

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12/16/2013 00:29

hi if i land in Australia as a PR holder, can i get study loans if i want to do my masters and how ?

02/06/2014 21:37

Hey there:) ..Your website seems quite informative, I'm planning on migrating to Australia after taking a PR, since its the beginning stage, i have a few questions to ask you which may be too elaborate to mention here. can you pls give me your email address or an inbox that i can ask u my queries to. Would appreciate. Thanks:) ..


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